Going Global

You need a travel management company who can provide global service standards and best practices while considering the cultural differences of each region.  Adelman Travel will provide you global travel service and multinational consolidation through our ownership in Radius Travel.  Radius has a combined sales volume of over $20 Billion (USD) in 80+ countries around the world. We coordinate the delivery of local service benefits and consolidated reporting.


Multinational Consolidation Expertise

We will consolidate information and drive negotiated savings for you, including a system to determine where the most cost effective place is to purchase tickets.  Adelman is the first in the industry to harness a well-tested Internet-based system to link pricing from partners that service your account around the globe.

The benefits to you of using Adelman and our Radius partners for a multinational consolidation would include the following:

  • Service consistency
  • Local knowledge
  • Combined strength and expert knowledge
  • Travel policy analysis
  • Data consolidation
  • Enhanced supplier negotiations
  • Travel program benchmarking

Adelman's Role

As your lead agency, Adelman will coordinate all multinational communication to ensure responsiveness and accountability.

  • Analysis of your business objectives and the decision making process
  • The Adelman "Blueprint," your focused travel business plan, will specifically address the multinational aspects of your business
  • Development of your regional and country specific blueprints
  • Identify service, savings and information goals with quantified and prioritized opportunities
  • Obtain Local buy-in and education for a seamless implementation
  • Develop Communication Plans
  • Coordinate IT and reporting requirements
  • Continuous improvement through negotiations, process improvement and value added services