United extends waiver for travel to Denver through Mar. 16 | Update: U.S./Canada ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft | Extended: Adverse weather may impact travel to Amsterdam through Mar. 15 | Update: Power mostly restored in Venezuela; some travel waivers still apply | Runway work at Catania Airport Sicily impacts flight schedules through Mar. 20

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Airline Briefs

American Airlines

Passengers can now access information about specific entertainment options that will be available on their flights by asking Alexa. Through a partnership with Amazon, American has become the first airline to officially launch the full version of Spafax Profile Skill for Alexa, which allows for custom features. Passengers can engage Alexa by providing their American Airlines flight number, after which they will be prompted to confirm the route of travel. When asked generically about TV shows or movies on board, Alexa will offer up the “top 10 titles” based on what’s been most recently added to the system. The Spafax Profile Skill for Alexa will also allow American to offer custom messaging about a flight as appropriate.

In other news, American will again offer year-round Saturday service between New York’s LaGuardia and Nassau, Bahamas starting Dec 22, 2018.


British Airways

A new app is now available for members of British Airways’ Executive Club. The new app has a simple, intuitive design that will make it easier for members to use all of the app’s new features, including discovering new ways to earn Avios rewards along with easy access to the Avios eStore and other personalized ways to spend Avios. British Airways said more features will be added in the coming months.  The free app can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.


Delta Air Lines

Passengers flying out of gate A36 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, which is typically used for ultra-long overseas flights, will have the option of boarding using biometrics instead of a traditional boarding pass. Delta has been working with US Customs and Border Protection on the use of the egates, which have already tested at select locations in Atlanta and New York JFK. To use the new units, passengers simply approach the camera at the gate when it’s their turn to board. The device will capture the passenger’s image, verify it and produce a receipt so the passenger can board. The whole process takes just seconds. Delta says it plans to add more biometric boarding units at other gates at Detroit Metro in the coming months with the hope of the system being available for all departing international passengers. Delta officials note that passengers who don’t wish to use the biometric units can still board with traditional boarding passes in the standard queue.

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