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Political protests and other unstable situations are reminders of the importance of a good travel risk program

With the many natural disasters and political uprisings that occurred, 2018 proved to be a year full of travel disruptions and potential risks. 2019 is not shaping up to be much better as questions over Brexit continue to loom, several key elections in traditionally volatile areas are due and political protests continue in France and elsewhere around the globe.  Corporate travel managers are thus reminded that a strong up-to-date travel policy and good risk management program are essential for today’s business traveler.

Adelman has extensive experience in mitigating travel risks and provides an effective multi-pronged approach to help maximize the safety of all your corporate travelers.  From helping you develop a strong risk management-inclusive travel policy to evaluating an existing plan to make sure it meets the needs of today’s traveler, your Adelman client success manager is here to assist.

Adelman also offers a variety of industry-leading solutions to help when a crisis situation does arise. For example, to promote direct, immediate communication in an emergency, Adelman became the first North American reseller of SAP Concur Locate global security platform. This sophisticated technology allows clients to customize and automate messaging to disperse to travelers and employees when a certain alert level is reached.  Then, with two-way SMS technology, clients can actively communicate with travelers during an emergency. Adelman also provides automated reports identifying any travelers potentially affected by a high-risk situation.

To learn more about Adelman’s risk management solutions and how you can better protect your business travelers, please contact your Adelman client success manager.

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