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Elevate Your Corporate Travel Experience with Technology

Around 488 million business trips are taken each year in the U.S. alone. Somewhere around 1.3 million corporate trips occur on any given day. As any experienced corporate traveler knows, one should always expect the unexpected.

Modern technology can help you stay prepared for anything your business trip might throw at you. There are many tools and apps out there that can simplify the corporate travel experience in a number of ways.

•        Outsmart Potential Delays

Predictive analytics are changing the game of corporate travel. In 2017, Adelman Travel launched Ava, a mobile app designed for the corporate traveler. The app’s analytics use a scale ranging from 1-10 to inform the user of the likelihood a flight will be massively delayed (4+ hours) or cancelled.

Using an app like Ava puts you one step ahead of the challenges delays bring.

•        Keep Your Profile Updated

Be sure to keep your traveler profile updated so technology can do the rest of the work for you. If you sign up for a new frequent flyer program while traveling, you should update your traveler profile so that the information can be synced across all platforms.

•        Make Safety a Priority

Nearly half of all corporate travelers are women, and 71% believe they face greater risk than their male coworkers. Indeed, women travelers are at greater risk for assault, theft, sexual harassment, and kidnapping. The unexpected can happen to anyone, and preparation is key. Technology can be a great asset to all corporate travelers in terms of safety. When a traveler pulls up a hotel reservation on Ava, the surrounding neighborhood’s safety rating is displayed. The score is calculated using variables such as crime, weather, or political unrest. Users can also customize scores based on categories they feel are most important to them, such as physical harm, theft, LGBTQ+ and women’s safety.

•        Waste No Time on Transportation

The plane ride is only the first move a corporate traveler makes. Many travelers are now using rideshare apps to get where they need to go during a business trip. Uber is integrated into the Ava platform, and the user’s hotel destination is automatically populated into the rideshare app. This allows travelers to make their next move effortlessly, leaving them more time to truly get down to business. 

Technology is truly your friend when it comes to navigating the world of corporate travel. Download Ava on the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

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