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How “Winging It” with Ground Transportation Can Leave You Stranded

Travelers take great strides to piece together the perfect itinerary.  We think hard about airlines to select.  We carefully choose places to stay.  Yet, we often fail to think about making arrangements for competent ground transportation service until the moment we need it.  Unfortunately, one bad ground transportation experience can spoil an entire evening, spurn unnecessary stress or, worse, stain the memory of an entire trip. 

Adelman Travel Group asked Yolanda Carneiro, Vice President Travel Industry Partnerships for Carey International, the leading chauffeured transportation provider worldwide, why “winging it” in ground transportation is a risk — and what discerning travelers should consider before stepping into a for-hire car:

Q: Why should travelers think twice about hopping into any old “for hire” vehicle?

A: I get it.  Black car service and ride hailing apps are easy to use.  But, in today’s world, safety and reliability cannot be overlooked — and discerning travelers make safety and reliability in travel a priority.  Particularly on important trips, one bad experience in ground transportation can cause a domino effect that can spoil an entire experience.

Q: How so?

A: Late appointments, missed flights, squandered opportunities.  Loosely vetted drivers can show up in a car that is supposed to seat four, but half of the backseat is filled with the driver’s own belongings — and will only fit two.  We all know the pitfalls.

Q: So what are three things that travelers should look for in choosing a reliable premium ground transportation provider?

A: Ask yourself three things. First, where does the supplier offer service?  Finding a ground transportation supplier with proven experience across the globe can help to assure a consistently superior standard of service.  Scan the company’s website to see if they boast company-owned operations — and in how many cities or countries.  A company that takes pride in owning its operations, and in vetting their independent franchises, is critical in helping travelers avoid the risk of booking with a provider that blindly subcontracts ground transportation services to dubious third-party operators.

Secondly, how thoroughly vetted are the drivers?  Are background checks performed on each driver and are drivers fully-vetted for alcohol and substance abuse — and are motor vehicle records continuously reviewed?  Does the supplier train and/or certify their drivers before they take the wheel?  These are important musts.  Ask before booking.

Last, but not least, will my travel advisor go the extra mile to secure premium ground transportation for me and my family?  Be sure your travel advisor understands that ground transportation connects all points on the journey and that you deserve the peace of mind of a “wow” experience, by making chauffeured transportation a part of your global travel itinerary.

Contact your professional Adelman travel consultant for more information about your ground transportation options.

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