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A glorious getaway in the Dominican Republic

 Adelman’s CJ Crow and her sister recently returned from a glorious getaway at the Zoetry Agua in the beautiful Dominican Republic. As CJ explains, “We meet up every year at an all-inclusive resort and even with all the media attention, we decided to go to the Dominican Republic and we’re glad we did!” 



Relaxing pool view at zoetry Agua

According to the U.S. State Department, nearly 2.7 million Americans and 6.5 million foreigners safely visit the Dominican Republic each year. In an interview with Time magazine, Matthew Bradley, a former CIA agent and current Regional Security Director of travel security company International SOS said “I would still consider the Dominican Republic a safe place to go.”  Still, to strengthen the confidence of the traveling public, a series of new precautions ranging from more stringent hotel inspections to a new multilingual emergency center near Punta Cana, are being implemented.

As CJ notes, “We both felt totally safe, and if I could go again right now I would….even with a grandchild!”  CJ really enjoyed her time at the Zoetry Agua. “The resort had a wonderful tropical feel. The spacious rooms had wood floors and thatched roofs, plus the staff at Zoetry Agua went out of their way to make our stay perfect.” 




Zoetry’s thatched umbrellas and rooflines add to the tropical feel

The Zoetry Agua is a smaller resort, but CJ notes that its laid back atmosphere is perfect for a romantic escape or simply a calm place to unwind. “The spa was amazing. I spent 1 ½ glorious hours in a massage room.  I was so relaxed I had trouble walking back to the room!” CJ also took advantage of the complimentary horseback riding session on the beach, which was another trip highlight.


CJ enjoys a special beach adventure





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