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From Switzerland to Amsterdam and all the captivating scenery in between, experience it all aboard a Rhine River cruise

  River cruising continues to grow in popularity. River cruises are an ideal way to experience quaint towns, fascinating cultures, and rich history while getting a taste of various parts of Europe, all without having to constantly unpack and repack your suitcase. Adelman’s Andrea Bateman just returned from a fun-filled yet relaxing river cruise journey along Europe’s famous Rhine and Moselle rivers. 





Andrea started her adventure in stunning Switzerland. Once on board the 5-star Amadeus Silver III, she headed northward on the scenic Rhine, stopping in historic cities such as Strasbourg, Heidelberg, and Cologne. Some of the many highlights included seeing the remarkable anatomic clock in the famous Strasbourg Cathedral, the red sandstone ruins of the Heidelberg Castle, and the soaring twin steeples of the Cologne Cathedral, which is a gothic masterpiece and UNESCO World Heritage site.    





Part of what makes a river cruise especially appealing is that Andrea also got to easily experience the enchanting scenery along the river banks from the comfort of her luxury ship. “I loved the little lounge in the aft of the Amadeus. It was a great little quiet space for a coffee and nice views as we cruised,” Andrea notes. From lush rolling hills with bountiful vineyards, quaint villages hugging the shoreline, and castles dramatically perched high on the cliffs in the Rhine River gorge, the panorama is picturesque. River cruising also provides ideal access to some of the smaller towns along the Rhine and Moselle, including Rüdesheim, which is known for its wine making, the romantic town of Cochem, and the 2,000 year old Koblenz.  





Andrea’s river cruise ended in Amsterdam, where she got to explore the many fascinations of this vibrant and charming city. Andrea especially enjoyed traveling along Amsterdam’s captivating canals. According to Andrea, “Reguliersgracht, also known as Seven Bridges in Amsterdam, is one of the most delightful and tranquil canals.” It is also very scenic at night when it is lit up.






In regards to her cruise experience, Andrea said the Amadeus Silver III was exceptional. “It was very new, clean, and contemporary.  The cabin was well laid out with lots of storage space…it even had a walk in closet!” Andrea exclaimed. “I loved the cabin window, which comes down with a touch of a button to create an open air balcony,” Andrea added. She also noted that the cabin stewards were very attentive and that the food was very good and plentiful. The Amadeus Silver III also features special onboard and onshore experiences presented by experts, artisans, and entertainers that will further enrich your cruise adventure.

Adelman Discoveries will be offering an exclusively chartered sailing down the Rhine aboard the Amadeus Silver III Sept. 7-16, 2020. This special sailing includes a variety of extras such as a meet and greet event, a full menu of complimentary city tours, Captain’s Gala, and the services of an Adelman representative, all at a great price.  



If you would like to learn more about river cruising or are interested in our special chartered Rhine River cruise, please give Andrea or one of our other professional vacations advisors a call at 800-749-7116 or visit our website at

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