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Ava Feature: Neighborhood Safety Scores

Risk Assessment Information at your Fingertips with Ava

With the latest feature upgrade now available on Adelman’s proprietary travel App, Ava, customers can easily find out about the safety risks of an area surrounding their hotel.  

Ava’s neighborhood safety scores range from 1-10 (1=low risk and 10=high risk) and are based on hundreds of variables such as crime statistics, economic and political data, travel alerts, weather events, etc.  These scores also provide travelers with visibility to seven different safety categories:

  • Overall Safety
  • Women’s Safety
  • Physical Harm
  • Political Freedoms
  • Theft
  • Health & Medical

The scoring pulls from a radius of 10 miles from the hotel address and will return the score closest in proximity to the address. There are over 30,000 neighborhood scores with new neighborhoods being added continuously.  Score information is updated continuously as well.

Simply look for the icon located to the right of the Check-In / Check-Out information. Under the Safety icon, there is a View More link.  When tapped, the app will open a new page to show the seven different safety categories and their respective scores.

Other included benefits of Ava are:

  • Real-time flight updates and alerts with alternate options that will help minimize disruption while enabling travelers to be proactive instead of reactive when a delay or cancelation occurs.
  • Booking with confidence as corporate travelers can make their reservation through the app, which will let them know how their arrangements stack up against their company’s travel policies.
  • Integration with maps and Uber for easy transport to and from the airport.   
  • Direct access to an Adelman travel consultant or suggested “quick links” should a problem arise.    
  • Access to past invoices, so travelers have better visibility in to spend and reimbursement.
  • Interactive mobile itinerary that includes every detail of current and upcoming trips.
  • Continued traveler support upon arrival as Ava provides weather updates and directions to the hotel with an embedded navigation tool along with flight check-in and airport information for the return trip.

Ava is available for download in app stores. Those already utilizing Ava may see a notification that an update is available, depending on how notifications are set up on your device.

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