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Adelman Enhances Hotel Solutions Program with

A common complaint within the industry is that travelers are not seeing all of the available hotel content when booking. Thanks to a partnership with, Adelman has solved that problem. Adelman clients have access to content through the online booking tool they already use. Clients are seeing the following benefits from this new partnership:

More Choices
Travelers have a much wider selection to choose from. brings over 29 million listings in more than 225 countries to Adelman’s Hotel Solutions Program.

Greater Availability
Many business travelers say they have difficulty finding hotels in close proximity to where they need to be.  With the addition of, travelers are able to stay wherever they want, whenever they want, without booking rogue. The site is continuously expanding and adding more properties, all of which are instantly bookable.

Better Rates
Having access to content means Adelman clients also have access to additional great rates. Travelers are able to compare multiple rate options at the same property so they can rest assured they are truly getting the best price.

More Time Saved
Now that you can access content through your online booking tool, everything you need is in one place. This, along with the greater selection being offered, will further encourage travelers to book in accordance with the company policy and will save you and your company valuable time.

Let your team know about the exciting partnership between Adelman and Please click here ( to download information you can share with your team.

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