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Saudi Arabia to start issuing tourist Visas
For the first time ever, travelers from 49 countries, including the United States, can apply for a standard tourist visa for Saudi Arabia. Until now Saudi Arabia had very strict access policies which significantly limited tourists, but now the country is loosening restrictions as it seeks to attract visitors as a way to diversify its economy away from its dependence on the oil industry. 

The tourist visa will be valid for multiple entries of less than 90 days during a one year period. The visa will cost SAR440 which is about $118 US plus VAT. E-visa applications are available at  Travelers should note that they will still be expected to adhere to Saudi Arabia’s Islamic values in regards to such things as alcohol consumption, dress codes, profane language, and public displays of affection, etc.


Amsterdam to raise visitor tax, making it potentially the highest in Europe
Starting next year, visitors to Amsterdam will be subjected to increased taxes. The Dutch capital will add a charge of 3 Euros per person, per night on top of an already high seven percent room rate tax which it already assesses. Children under 16 will be exempt from the per person

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