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EU grants “flextension” for UK’s Brexit
The European Union officially agreed to grant the United Kingdom’s request for another extension to the Brexit process. Under the latest “flextension” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have until the end of January to get the deal that he struck with the EU passed through Parliament. If the deal can be formally approved in the UK sooner, then the UK could leave the EU bloc before the January deadline.  This latest extension pushes back the potential for economic chaos as was feared if the UK had left the bloc without a Brexit deal. For travelers, this means business as usual while the UK continues to work on approving a final Brexit plan.


The White House further restricts travel to Cuba
The Trump Administration announced that all U.S. commercial flights to Cuba would be banned except for flights to Havana. This move, which goes into effect on December 10, 2019, is the latest as the White House continues its agenda to erase the Obama-era policies that eased travel to Cuba. Charter flights to cities outside of Havana are reportedly not affected by this new ban. Airlines including American and JetBlue are contacting customers holding tickets for service that will no longer be allowed.

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