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Adelman’s Andy McGraw Speaking at GBTA Texas Education Day

On March 5-6, 2020, the GBTA- Austin Chapter will have the honor of hosting GBTA’s Annual Texas Education Day (TED) which draws 250+ Travel Professionals from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout the country. TED is the premier conference for Business Travel professionals focusing on current trends, educational content and networking opportunities.

During these two days, colleagues will explore the ever-changing elements of business travel, technology enhancements and assess risk and security concerns through multiple educational seminars and networking.

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Mainstage Speakers:

How Innovation in Technology is Changing the Travel World

Andy McGraw – Adelman Travel, Chief Executive Officer

The business travel environment is changing rapidly. Companies are mobilizing to better meet the needs of their employees, customers, as well as respond to accelerating technology and risk changes in the marketplace. Uncovering the future of travel technology and what to expect next…

Key Discussion Areas:

  • Has artificial intelligence arrived in the corporate managed travel space? How is it being used and what are the benefits?
  • What is the future of mobile in business travel management? Is this a globalized solution?
  • Understanding how chat functionality plays a role in the booking, support and overall travel management process. How has communication changed and what’s coming next?


Travel Program Visibility during the Distribution Evolution

Amy Padgett – SAP Concur, Sr. Director, Global Product Strategy Communications

Ray Pazerekas – SAP Concur, Sr. Director, Airline and Car Partner Strategy

Technology and marketing are changing the managed travel distribution landscape.  The leisure side of the business is bleeding into the corporate space.  As a result of the travel distribution evolution, we’re losing visibility into bookings and important metrics that drive duty of care programs, cost savings and overall travel program compliance.  Using industry reports and by marrying travel and expense data, we’ll uncover why and where invisible spend and supplier direct bookings are occurring and how to get a handle on it as the industry’s technology and messaging continues to evolve.


What is in Store for Global Business Travel? A Closer Look at Travel Sentiment

Chris Ely – GBTA, Director, Research

Heidi Bonjean – RoomIt by CWT, Senior Market Communications Manager

We say we know our travelers, but do we? The value of a travel program is in large part driven by travel experience. Both buyers and suppliers talk all the time about how travelers feel, but do we really understand how they feel about every aspect of travel? They survey reveals traveler sentiment around trip experience, travel policy satisfaction, technology’s impact on business travel and the ability for a traveler to achieve their objectives. Join this interactive session where we’ll invite one attendee up to play Cash Cab as we reveal the findings. Learn the dos and don’ts for improving your travel program based on travel satisfaction.


Travel Culture – Your Competitive Advantage in a Global Market

Charlie Bacharach – Egencia, Managing Director

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services proves that when aligned with a company’s strategy, a well-managed travel program can deliver a tangible competitive advantage. 58% of business leaders agree on the importance of empowering their employees to travel. Despite the fact that companies with a strong travel culture report almost 2X better business results, the majority of business leaders still treat travel as a cost to be minimized. How can travel managers drive growth and value through a strong travel culture?

In this session attendees will learn:

  • How a strong travel culture influences your company’s bottom line.
  • Which techniques and tools you can use to strengthen your company’s travel culture.
  • Key stats and takeaways you can use in your next conversation with stakeholders, so you can make the shift to strategic business partner and ultimately elevate your career.


Breakout Speakers:

Designing the Future of Mobility

David Grace – Deem, Chief Revenue Officer

Consumer expectations for speed, convenience and personalization are driving change in nearly every industry – including the industry of driving. These changing customer expectations create opportunities for innovation: new modes of transport and new ways to book gives customers more choices than ever before about how to get from here to there. Join us as we discuss key takeaways of this evolving landscape and how it will impact the future of mobility for business travel.


Scope of the Travel Manager… What Suppliers Need to Know

Cindy Shumate – Travel Industry Leader and Consultant

The world of a travel manager is always hectic, to say the least. Some managers are fortunate enough to have a team to accomplish the multiple tasks every day. Some do this massive job alone. Either way, a well-managed end-to-end travel program must incorporate all the same essential elements, whether the program is national in scope and a few million dollars or many millions and global. Suppliers sometimes wonder why it’s difficult to get a foot in the door. Or why the contract hasn’t been signed yet. Or, more importantly, why the contract isn’t performing as expected.

In this session, suppliers will gain a greater understanding of what an end-to-end managed travel program looks like, the tasks that a travel manager juggles to support travelers and senior managers, the technology integrations that are essential for smooth end-to-end flow of data, and exactly the part a supplier plays in the overall travel program.

Cindy Shumate, session presenter, former GBTA Board member, and an experienced travel manager, will share insights from her 19-year career as she built and managed four significant travel programs – different products, different travel environments – but essentially similar programs in structure and function.


Truth or Dare: Are travelers playing a risky game on the road?

Matthew Bradley – International SOS, Regional Security Director

The truth: too many travelers are taking dares when traveling for business. But, travel buyers may be unwillingly taking risks too. In this interactive game of truth or dare, a panel of experts, will explore the security dares travelers and buyers take and highlight the truth that can lead to a safer hotel travel program.

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