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Adelman Integrated Fares

If your company is like most, you have seen an increasing amount of international travel; often at prices that break the budget. With Adelman Integrated Fares you will have access to the best fares from around the world. Our “private fare” cost saving options will help you come in at or below budget.

What is Adelman Integrated Fares (AIF)?

AIF is a point-of-sale web based system which accesses worldwide inventory of lower cost airlines and a comprehensive range of private fares for major airlines from contracted suppliers around the globe. The system utilizes secured traveler profiles to ensure continuous data security and accuracy in traveler preferences and reporting details.

While managing your travel in multiple countries, Adelman can quote and ticket the fares in local currency. All reservations are routed through our customized, quality control processes and checked by our internal international rate experts before the ticket is issued so you know that all options have been considered.

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