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Ava Desktop

The powerful travel platform designed with Travel Arrangers in mind

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Single Source View

A single source to view, update and control multiple traveler’s trips and profiles at one time, plus access to company policy

Book Travel

Ava Desktop connects you to your preferred digital booking solutions to instantly complete travel reservations


Easy access to current and past itineraries and invoices for traveler’s you manage, and your own trips

Safety Information

Access 'Know before you go'’ COVID-19 Information for health, travel, and destination requirements


Real-time connection to Adelman's  travel consultant support via live chat, email or phone

Stay Connected

Stay Connected to intelligent risk management updates, destination information and safety & security alerts throughout the trip

Our all-in-one mobile app is now delivered straight to your desktop, simplifying the process of managing business travel.

What is Ava (Adelman Virtual Assistant) Desktop

Imagine going to one place to book travel, access all the travel details and get a heads up as things happen throughout a trip?  That’s where Ava Desktop comes in. 
Ava Desktop, Adelman’s proprietary desktop platform, provides the ability for a Travel Arranger or Executive Assistants to access all travel details and profile information for the executives and employees they arrange travel for.  Ava Desktop is accessible in the desktop environment and eliminates the need to “emulate” a traveler to access information.  

Ava Desktop for Invoices

Learn how Ava Desktop for Invoices empowers travel managers, accounting and audit teams by providing immediate access to travel invoices when they want and how they want.

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Ava Mobile

Click here to learn more about Ava (Adelman Virtual Assistant) Mobile App.  Ava's “Super App” provides travelers with everything they need before, during and after their trip in one convenient place.

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See why life without Ava Desktop and Ava Desktop for Invoices is a distant memory for travel arrangers and executive admins.  

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