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Keeping the Holidays Happy: Travel Tips for the Busy Business Traveler

December 19, 2019 | For Travel Managers, For Travelers

‘Tis the season for busy airports! Around this time of year, travel can be especially stressful. More than 115 million people in North America are expected to travel for the holidays in 2019, according to AAA. These are record-breaking numbers, the most in almost 20 years. It is our hope that with a few tips, we can help keep your spirits up and your journey easy.

Travel Only When Necessary
With a spike in airfare costs and so many additional travelers, it’s a good idea to be more selective when it comes to which business trips to take. The weather during this time of year should be a factor in your decision, as it may add to additional delays and cancellations. If the same goals can be accomplished via conference call or video chat, it may be better to skip the plane ride. Work with managers to determine whether an in-person meeting is the best method.

Avoid Peak Travel Days
If you do need to travel, the worst travel days are immediately before and following Christmas. Try to plan your trips around these travel times to avoid getting stuck at a crowded airport or on overbooked flights. According to AAA, travel should begin to slow down after the first of the year.

Plan Ahead
Sometimes, problems stem from delayed flights or gate changes. Other times, it’s the things that aren’t directly related, like travel on the way to the airport, calling an Uber during surge pricing, or a packed airport parking lot. Think through your entire trip, door to door, and give yourself plenty of time to avoid additional headaches. Try to:

  • Leave for the airport early; there’s holiday traffic on highways too
  • Pack light; checking bags can cost more money and more time
  • Allow for extra time through security; lines may be longer
  • Call and make parking reservations to ensure your spot

Keep Cozy
An extra blanket, earplugs or a warm sweater can make the difference between an uncomfortable flight and a relaxing one. It’s a great idea to take this time to treat yourself, too. Buy a new book to read or stop at a coffee shop in the airport for a hot chocolate (extra whip!). You may need to be away from home, but you don’t need to leave all the comforts behind!

Remember the Reason for the Season
Despite being the season of love and joy, tensions are often high when it comes to traveling during the holidays. People are anxious to get to their destination and spend time with friends and family, and rightly so! Gate agents do the best they can to accommodate when things go wrong, but it’s a very trying experience for all involved. As “seasoned” business travelers, we can help by keeping a cool head, patient attitude and an empathetic heart when disruptions arise. Let’s do our best to not only make our own travel better but the travel of others as well.

Everyone at Adelman Travel wishes you and yours a very safe and Happy Holiday Season! See you in 2020!


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