Meeting Technology


Virtual Tradeshow (VTS)

At Adelman, we're proud to partner with Virtual Tradeshow, a powerful online trade show management package that manages all aspect's of today's tradeshows, conferences, and expos.

VTS enables Exhibitors to:

  • Register to exhibit
  • Choose booths from the real-time floor plan
  • Order equipment and furnishings
  • Reserve exhibitor badges
  • Manage their accounts and requirements in their online exhibitor pack

VTS Online Suite features:

  • Real-Time Floor Plan with interactive booths
  • Interactive Exhibitor List with product descriptions, lines represented and booth placement
  • Exhibitor Contract Registration
  • Online Product Directory with categories and subcategories that you can customize
  • Seminar and Break-Out Session Scheduler
  • Reporting

Online Exhibitor Packs, including:

  • Equipment & Furnishings order form
  • Real Time Invoice and Account Info
  • Hotel and Travel Info
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Social Media

Employing social media platforms to announce, communicate, market and measure the impact of your event is critical. Social media is an excellent social instrument of communication and provides an effective two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate event parameters, objectives and guarantee ROI.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become one of the popular and viable marketing strategies for businesses to enhance their market opportunities. Mobile marketing is highly interactive, measurable, personalized, and cost-effective. The features of mobile marketing are helping many organizations to reach their target audience more effectively. Since mobile phones are personal devices, marketing through them will help an organization to communicate with their customer directly without constraints like time and place. Mobile marketing allows organizations to segment customers demographically and target them on a one-to-one basis.


One aspect of Mobile Marketing is SMS (short message service). SMS is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach the ever- growing base of potential customers that receive communication on their mobile devices. Most of us are familiar with SMS but know it by its more common name, “texting”. SMS is a method of sending a short text message from one wireless device to another, or from a computer to one or more mobile devices.

Audience Acquisition

Strategically-crafted mobile and viral marketing, public relations, email communications, advertising, event APPS, consumer response programs and effective social media lead to ROI (return on investment) and attract more attendees, sponsors and stakeholders to meetings, tradeshows and events.  

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