United extends waiver for travel to Denver through Mar. 16 | Update: U.S./Canada ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft | Extended: Adverse weather may impact travel to Amsterdam through Mar. 15 | Update: Power mostly restored in Venezuela; some travel waivers still apply | Runway work at Catania Airport Sicily impacts flight schedules through Mar. 20

Travel Alerts

Based on the forecasted path of Typhoon Shanshan travel to Japan may be impacted. Airlines have issued waivers as follows:

American Airlines’ waiver covers travel to/from/through Tokyko’s Haneda and Narita airports Aug 8-9. Rebooked travel can occur Aug 10-11, 2018.

Delta’s waiver is in effect for flights to Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports as well as Nagoya Aug. 8-9. Rebooked travel should occur Aug 13, 2018.

United Airlines’ waiver covers travel to/from/through Tokyko’s Haneda and Narita airports through Aug 10. Rebooked travel should occur by Aug 13, 2018.

ANA is advising that all flights to/from Hachijojima airport have been canceled for August 8. In addition possible schedule disruptions could occur for Sendai, Fukushima, Tokyo Haneda (afternoon) on Aug 8. Flights to/from Sendai, Fukushima, Tokyo Haneda and Narita, along with Hachijojima could be impacted Aug. 9. If you are scheduled to fly on an ANA-operated flight and weather is expected to delay or cancel your flight, you are eligible to choose an alternative flight to your destination or cancel your flight with no change/cancellation fee, whether or not a delay or cancellation actually occurs.  Restrictions apply.

Japan Airlines is allowing changes on select flights to/from Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports on Aug. 8 and to/from Haneda and Narita as well as to/from Sendai, Yamagata, Niigata on Aug. 9. Passengers on the designated flights may change to other alternative JAL flight departing within 3 days of their original flights.

KLM’s waiver covers flights to Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda Aug. 8-9. Rebooked travel should occur Aug 13, 2018.

Other carriers may adopt similar policies as they evaluate forecasted conditions in regards to their operations.

Other airports in the region could also be impacted by the storm.  Travelers are advised to monitor airline flight status with regards to your specific itinerary. 

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information.  


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