About Our Products - Adoption Planning


Adoption Planning

Once we have determined the best online booking system for your company, a game plan is needed to encourage usage by employees to maximize your investment and keep your overall costs low.

Welcome to the Adelman Online Adoption Kit. Adelman utilizes a series of proven tools and communication strategies to move the adoption to the percentage that fits your company. We will help you select from the offerings to form a customized plan that works well for your corporation. Adelman Travel Group can provide sample scripts for the following forms of communication, which can be customized to fit your particular needs:

  • Correspondence / Memos
  • E-mail Messages
  • Voicemail Messages
  • Phone Hold Messages
  • Collateral Mailings or "Desk Drop" cover letters
  • Seminar Invitations
  • Newsletters Articles
  • Intranet Site Content Suggestions

In addition, we create a communication survey and an adoption timeline checklist with recommended lead times for communication releases. The survey is to assist you in planning and determining proper contacts for a mass communication program within your organization.

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