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About oReceipt

Manage your travel invoices

Oreceipt is a bill management and data integration system based on XML software that enables access to your invoices at anytime in the format you need.

Oreceipt allows you to keep track of your invoices from Adelman Travel Group, organize them in folders of your choice, print your invoices anytime you desire, forward individual or groups of invoices by e-mail, or access your data directly in an XML format.

Want to house your own data?  For complete data integration services we offer Oreceipt professional services.

With Oreceipt you are able to:

  • Electronically receive XML based invoices
    and receipts from Adelman Travel Group
  • Eliminate filing and paperwork for the incoming invoices, receipts and bills
  • Generate variety of spending and purchase reports to have
    a tighter understanding and control over your spending
  • Eliminate data entry in to your accounting software and accounts payables by
    integrating the XML documents with your back office solutions
  • Advanced work flow based expense management and reporting
  • Create a data warehouse on your own servers

For more information regarding Oreceipt contact an Adelman Oreceipt specialist.