Reporting Tools - Approval



Adelman's Automated Pre-trip approval system, is an innovative web-based program which enables corporate travel managers the option to review employees' travel itineraries before automated ticketing. Pre-Trip Check can process all travel reservations, including those made through Adelman's full-service agency or any of the several online booking products available.

Managing Policy Compliance

Based on a client's travel policy, Pre-Trip Check has the capability to present multiple savings opportunities to the approver for air, car and hotel bookings. Pre-Trip Check can also be set up to require approval from two approvers for clients whose policy requires two levels of approval. If approver denies the reservation, the end traveler receives an electronic notification with customized reason codes. The approver also has the ability to add additional comments for both the traveler and travel consultant to view. Adelman Travel's consultants are notified to assist the traveler in creating an itinerary that is compliant with their employer's travel policy. Knowing that approvers are busy people, Adelman designed Pre-Trip Check to send automatic reminders to the approver, traveler and the Adelman Travel consultant to ensure cost protection of pending reservations.