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About aAlert

Safety and savings for the new travel landscape

Changes in airline policies regarding non-refundable tickets have magnified the importance of tracking such tickets before a trip commences. aAlert is Adelman's response to ensure your company does not lose the value of unused tickets. In addition, heightened concerns regarding international travel have made it even more important to know where your travelers are at a moment's notice.

aAlert - How it Works

aAlert, along with its partner report, EnRoute Traveler Locator (ETL), notifies individual travelers of US State Department Consular announcements and travel warnings. ETL enables travel managers to know where their employees are every day in these uncertain times.

aAlert also notifies clients of pending non-refundable ticket activity. The individual traveler and/or a specified travel manager receive an e-mail of the pending non-refundable trip. The traveler has the option to rebook the trip for a later date or hold it for future travel if the revised dates are not yet confirmed. In either case, the majority of the ticket's value is retained for the client. Pre-trip non-refundable purchasing reports are also available in html or Excel format.

Even if you are not currently making use of our aAlert product, when Adelman Travel receives a travel warning from the State Department regarding a country or area of the world and your travelers are there, you'll be the first to know.