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The travel industry continues to become more complex and fragmented. Corporate travel arrangers face the challenge of remaining profitable in an unpredictable landscape. Finding optimal content and pricing is a tedious but critical process for your company's bottom line and overall success. Even more critical is the creation and management of a travel program that is efficient from booking to reporting and data analysis.

Adelman’s corporate travel services are a one-stop shop for travelers and arrangers. With relevant content, pricing, and policy at your fingertips, you’ll have confidence in every trip.


Transforming Technology

Travelers need to move quickly to get to their destination, but a lack of access to essential information slows them down. Ava, Adelman Virtual Assistant, is our proprietary mobile application that is available to travelers on-the-go from any device. They can instantly book a trip or view their itinerary whenever it’s convenient. Travelers will also receive real-time communication, keeping them safe and one step ahead.

We created myAdelman to benefit not only travelers, but travel managers as well. The platform frees up their time spent on planning, so they can focus on their core business functions. Plus, your company’s travel and expense policy is fully integrated into myAdelman, instilling confidence for those worried about compliance.

Integrating technology for a better customer experience is always our priority. Our proven track record of technology-driven solutions speaks for itself.

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Extensive Network

As an Adelman customer, you’ll get unbeatable deals by tapping into our ecosystem of multiple travel-related industries. Book with Adelman, and you’ll immediately see the savings through our relationships with rental car companies, airline carriers, hotel management groups, payment systems and banks, discount booking sites, and software corporations.

Your company is unique, and so are your planning needs and budget. All traveler insights and company nuances are input into our ecosystem, so you get the most customized solutions available.

We are dedicated to immersing ourselves into your company’s culture and business objectives. As a result, we’ll deliver insights that lead to better informed solutions and ideas for your specific needs.


Dependable Support

Adelman’s Success Managers strive to not only find you the best deals, but also serve as a consistent resource for support and professional guidance. Transparency, accountability, and proximity will always be at the forefront of our relationship, so you’re not left confused or worried about your budget. With Adelman’s global network of counselors, you’ll feel supported no matter where you are.

Our goal is to not just to have customers, but invest in life-long Adelman Fans. We hold ourselves accountable for customer loyalty by keeping track of our Net Promoter Score (NPS). As a proven metric, it is an honest measurement of customer experience.

The average NPS for travel websites today comes in at an underwhelming score of 17. In our most recent customer survey, Adelman’s NPS is 47. With our passion for customer success and satisfaction, we are committed to improving our relationships and experiences.


Measurable Results

Outsourcing the critical function of travel planning comes at a cost. However, it’s worth it to give travel managers more time to do what they do best. That’s where Adelman comes in.

We know it’s important for you to justify your investment in outsourcing travel and expense services. We’ll provide the evidence you need to validate your decisions. Delivering valuable data and insights, the Adelman blueprint sets you up for success. You’ll be empowered to defend every dollar you spend.

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