Pre-Trip Approval

Gain control over your travel budget with the most advanced pre-trip approval solution in the market!

As your employees prepare to resume corporate travel, it is critical for organizations to prioritize their business travelers’ safety.  They must find new ways to mitigate risk and control travel spend post-pandemic.

Integrating an automated pre-trip authorization platform can help you sharpen control over company’s travel spend, gain greater visibility into your employees’ travel behaviors, mitigate risk and help prevent noncompliant bookings.

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Our proprietary pre-trip approval technology allows for the review of all traveler itineraries before final ticketing. While expense platforms report unnecessary and excessive spend data after the fact, our pre-trip approval solution helps you identify such spend before it occurs.

Dynamic and fully integrated pre-trip approval process

Adelman Travel’s pre-trip approval technology enables companies to control their travel and expense costs before they happen.  Adelman works with each customer to customize a pre-trip approval process  to help simplify the approval workflow.  With a single workflow for all trip expenses, approvals can happen faster which makes booking trips and managing travel easier.

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Monitored Bookings

Enables bookings to be monitored and processed for approval and fully integrated with your preferred booking channel, e.g. Adelman Travel Counselor or online booking tool.

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Custom Workflow

Adelman will create a customized workflow for requiring necessary authorization for travel reservations and reminds designated approvers of any pending reservations until confirmation is received.

young women planning vacation trip make bookings and searching information online

Muli-Approval Hierarchy

As a flexible product, our pre-trip approval solution allows for multiple approvers, approval hierarchies, and varying permission requirements by traveler, title, department, and more.

Key Features & Benefits

Fully automated pre-trip approval process not limited to just one booking tool or preferred method of booking travel reservations

Dynamic workflow customization based on thresholds such as $$ or # of passengers per destination

Immediate approver ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ functionality within email

Allows for auto scheduled reporting functionality

Configurable approval emails and reminder notifications

Monitors reservations continuously until response is received from authorizer

Manages different travel policies to regulate different types of approval

Delivers pre-trip reports via email, fax or hard copy

Learn more about Adelman Travel’s pre-trip approval solution and how we can help deliver efficiency to maximize your savings and traveler safety.