Manage Guest & Candidate Travel Easier with Adelman

Adelman’s complete guest travel, payment, expense, and reimbursement solution simplifies the complex, without disrupting the experience.

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Guest Travel Management

Your Hiring Experience Matters

Self-Service & Full-Service Booking Options

Guest travelers can securely add their personal sensitive Information (Date of Birth, Gender, etc.) and instantly create their travel profile to book travel via a desktop or mobile device, or live with a Adelman Elite Travel Agent.

24/7 'Follow the Traveler' Agent Support

Adelman's Elite Travel Agents follow the traveler 24/7, providing disruption management support to ensure traveler safety and provide proactive assistance should disruptions arise during their trip.


Flexible Payment Options & Reconciliation

Adelman offers flexible payment options to minimize the need for travelers' out of pocket expenses.  With great options such as virtual cards and one-time use instant cards, Adelman centralizes and streamlines the travel payment and reconciliation process.

Simplified Reimbursement Process

Adelman provides a self-service option for travelers to add their personal banking information for automatic reimbursements.  Travelers can receive reimbursement for any T&E ancillary expenses (such as rideshare, meals, etc.) with a 24-hour turnaround time.

We Support Many Guest Traveler Types!



Temps &

Field and Crew


Key Benefits to Your Company

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  • Efficient booking experience for guest and non-employee travelers

  • Attention to candidate privacy & confidentiality

  • Integration of your company’s preferred rates and travel policies

  • 24/7/365 Elite traveler support from Adelman

  • Duty of Care traveler tracking

  • Centralized payment options

  • Data visibility & streamlined reconciliation

  • Total Traveler happiness!

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