Travel Risk Management

Respond quickly when crisis occurs with real-time information at your fingertips. 

Enhanced care for your travelers throughout their trip

Making sure employees are safe when a crisis occurs is among the top priorities of every company with business travelers today.  Traveler Care, powered by our global business intelligence platform DecisionSource®, is designed to help you prepare for and manage risks before and during trips.

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Put your risk management plan into action

Prepare your travelers

for potential risks before their trip

Keep track of your travelers

around the world

Connect with your travelers

in the event of a crisis

Why is travel risk management crucial to your business?

Adelman Travel can help you better understand and assess the global risks your travelers may face and ensure you meet your duty of care obligation.  We combine intelligent technology, knowledgeable advice and innovative solutions to help you mitigate potential threats.

See where travelers and expatriates are booked in a single view so you can respond quickly in case of a crisis.

Keep travelers informed of circumstances that may pose a threat, and keep the communication going until the situation is resolved.

Create a plan and put processes in place that align and evolve with your internal teams.



Industry-leading real-time data about your travelers


Receive security reports with the push of a button


Interactive world maps to visualize traveler locations


24/7 worldwide emergency service


Automated and relevant incident updates


Traveler alerts and messages via Adelman’s Ava Mobile App


Traveler Tracking & Communication

Adelman Travel’s Traveler Care security platform supports your company’s risk management and duty of care objectives.     

Traveler Care provides:

  • Risk alerts including weather, international incidents and health warnings
  • Interactive maps to quickly assess the level of risk for individual travelers
  • The ability to send outbound SMS and email communications to travelers

How It Works

Be prepared to help travelers navigate a risky situation, no matter the type of destination or event.

With our solution you can:

  • Act fast using a color-coded, interactive map showing traveler locations.
  • Receive 24/7 impact alerts and run security reports to help mitigate risks.
  • Send messages and emails to communicate directly with travelers.

How we can help you

Want to learn more about our products & solutions?

A partner like Adelman Travel can help your company meet your legal duty of care requirements, while also helping you expand to manage overall business traveler care.

Partner with us and gain access to our knowledge and experience, and our innovative technology solutions.