Update 4: California wildfires impact travel. Airlines extend waivers, some through Nov. 25. | Planned protests in France may disrupt public transportation/impact access to CDG airport through Nov. 20 | UK's Southwest Rail strikes set for Saturdays in Nov. | Extended: Waivers still in effect in Saipan through Nov. 25 in the wake of Hurricane Yutu |

International Travel

Passports & Visas

For more information about new passport rules that apply to U.S. citizens as well as to citizens of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, click on the links below.

International Dialing Guide

Please select a country below for dialing instructions to reach the Adelman Emergency Service from wherever you are.

AT&T Direct Access Code + Adelman Emergency #

The "~" appearing in some numbers means "await second dial tone".

Currency Converter

TransferMate is the world’s fastest currency converter with currency exchange rates updated every 3 seconds.


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