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Get all of the latest updates when you travel

While you haven't been traveling for business as much in the last year, our technology and resources have been advancing to meet your growing needs to travel again with confidence. Here you will find all of the latest travel information, requirements and solutions so you have one less thing to worry about.


Manage your travel program

The success of the travel program will be based on facts and information. As your trusted advisor, Adelman Travel brings you reliable information sources about the COVID-19 global pandemic. You’ll also find expert advice on area’s you should focus on within your travel program today.  Contact Adelman for more information or assistance with your travel program.

Our path to safe business travel

Our ATG 3.0 approach to the new travel world

Talks about traveling after COVID-19 have faded. Traveling through the pandemic – safely, confidently, and smartly – is now the top priority. And we’re here to help you and your travelers do just that. While business travel was greatly reduced this year, our world didn’t stop turning and our technology kept advancing.

Resources for Travel Managers

Please refer to the links below to receive the most up-to-date coronavirus information and travel advisories from trusted sources critical to your travelers’ safety.

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map from IATA

Review heat map from IATA rating risk levels by country and other travel requirements.

U.S. Dept of State Global Travel Advisories

Access U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs for COVID-19 specific information by country.

Travel Advice from the WHO

Read the latest travel recommendations and general updates from the World Health Organization.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Get advice about traveling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings.

CDC Guides for Traveling within the U.S.

Get updated information on traveling within the U.S. from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

EU Travel Restrictions Map

Review which EU countries are reopening and corresponding restrictions on travel entry and exit requirements.

3 Effective Channels to Reach your Travelers

Mobile App

Adelman Travel is excited to introduce the award-winning TripSource total trip management platform, available via mobile app and desktop.   

TripSource provides your travelers with a consistent experience globally and allow them to easily manage all their travel in one place.  No more paper. No more organizing multiple emails. Everything you need, all in one place.

Online Booking Tools

Place impactful, targeted messages throughout the booking process to keep travelers informed. By providing guidance at each step of the process travelers will have confidence they’re making smart travel decisions.

Corporate Intranet

Travel should take a prominent position on the corporate intranet. Review your travel content and site navigation. Make it easy for employees to find travel information. Reference essential apps and trusted resources to ensure travelers stay up to date when they’re on the road.

Feel more informed and prepared before you travel

Adelman Travel has been diligently focused on developing new technologies and providing services & solutions to give you what you need to travel with confidence. Check out our new travel checklist so you can make sure you have everything you need.
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