Adelman Travel’s innovative products and solutions are designed to empower our customers and business travelers.

Adelman Travel has been diligently focused on innovation: developing new technologies and enhancing current technologies, services & solutions to deliver on what we believe will be the over-arching needs of our customers in the new 3.0 travel world.

Ava Mobile

Adelman’s Virtual Assistant (Ava), serves as a seamless, integrated, all-in-one mobile experience for travelers, travel arrangers, and travel managers to easily access all the information and tools they need from one mobile platform. Ava delivers the flexibility to book, manage and view business trips, with immediate access to support via phone, email, text message or live chat. 


Ava Desktop

Ava Desktop, Adelman’s proprietary desktop platform, provides the ability for a Travel Arranger or Executive Assistants to access all travel details and profile information for the executives and employees they arrange travel for.  Ava Desktop is accessible in the desktop environment and eliminates the need to “emulate” a traveler to access information. 


Travel Booking Tools

Adelman provides the digital booking solutions, as an experienced reseller and Top-tier Elite TMC Partner of SAP Concur Travel and Deem etta travel booking technologies. Adelman supports and provides assistance with a variety of digital booking solutions that enforces your organizations managed travel policy and integrates with your expense program.


Hotel Attachment

Adelman’s proprietary Hotel IQ, will increase hotel attachment, resulting in improved visibility, savings and traveler safety. Hotel attachment is when a hotel reservation is booked along with an airline reservation. If a hotel booking is made outside of the travel management program, these crucial tracking details are not available, which in a crisis can lead to needless time and expense to find the traveler.  


Travel Risk Management

Making sure employees are safe when a crisis occurs is among the top priorities of every company with business travelers today.  Traveler Care, powered by our global business intelligence platform DecisionSource®, is designed to help you prepare for and manage risks before and during trips.


Infinite Search Plus (ISP)

Adelman’s fully integrated ISP technology re-shops every airline ticket and hotel rate booked right up until a business traveler’s departure.  We present our clients with hard-dollar savings that are reportable, trackable and verified.



Experience myGarage through our personalized engagement sessions (in-person or virtually) where we reimagine every element of your program to make sure it’s fully optimized and evolving along with your needs.  myGarage takes a deep dive look to expose what is working, what needs improvement, and what's new in the world of travel.
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Ticket Asset Management (TAM)

Adelman’s Unused Ticket Asset Management (TAM) technology provides automated unused ticket tracking and comprehensive reporting accessible for all unused and reused tickets, as well as outstanding credits for any pending trips. 


Hot Spot Approvals

Hot Spot Approvals is the first-of-its-kind self-service, web-based platform that simplifies the complexities of pre-trip authorization, enabling an automated approval process through any preferred booking channel.    


Pre-Trip Approval

Our proprietary pre-trip approval technology allows for the review of all traveler itineraries before final ticketing. While expense platforms report unnecessary and excessive spend data after the fact, our pre-trip approval solution helps you identify such spend before it occurs.


Corporate Travel Payment Solutions

Increase control, compliance and validation for your business travel expenditures, regardless of your company’s travel booking channel.

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Elite Guest Travel Management

Adelman’s complete guest travel, payment, expense, and reimbursement solution simplifies the complex, without disrupting the experience.

Want to learn more about our full technology solutions offering? Schedule a demo with us and get started today. 

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