Elite VIP Travel

High-Touch VIP Service for Executives & Top Travelers

At Adelman Travel, we know that when a traveler requires support, it must be delivered by a professional, highly skilled VIP travel agent who knows how to meet and exceed the needs of senior-level executives and top travelers.

Adelman offers special handling for your VIP travelers through our Adelman Elite program. This service offers highly individualized care to your VIP travelers through a 24-hour experienced team of travel consultants trained not only in these high-touch services, but the unique needs of each VIP.

A differentiator of Adelman Elite is our VIP interview process. Adelman Elite members are personally interviewed by an Adelman Elite travel consultant to ensure we have pertinent personal documentation and preferences on file. In addition to collecting pertinent information, the travel consultant will also gather highly detailed preferences regarding flights, hotels, and cars from the VIP. These preferences are then applied to all future reservations for the individual traveler.


Adelman’s Elite program is designed for our discerning corporate customers who require exclusive services and monitoring of their travel arrangements.


We want to take your experience to the next level.

Adelman Elite goes beyond standard VIP travel services. Our business travel planner service exists solely to provide exclusive, personalized services to business travelers, non-travelers, and vacationers. This program is available globally and around the clock, with the ability to meet a variety of needs.


As an Elite member, you will be interviewed by one of our Elite corporate travel planners prior to your first booking. Your travel profile is then documented with all preferences and pertinent details, ensuring a highly customized experience.

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Elite Travel Services

Reconfirmation of itinerary 72 hours prior

VIP after hours service

Spouse and family travel

Ground transportation bookings

Frequent traveler arrangement and upgrades

Restaurant and theater reservations

Third party passport/visa assistance

Identify VIPs to vendors

Dedicated telephone line

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