Corporate Travel Payment Solutions

Increase control, compliance and validation for your business travel expenditures, regardless of your company’s travel booking channel.

Understanding the global corporate travel payment strategies that work best for you

Contactless and central payment solutions are the wave of the future. Adelman Travel’s payment solutions are focused on increasing efficiency, driving savings and engaging travelers.

New technologies are influencing the evolution of payment solutions. There is a growing expectation for new value-add services to make business travel simpler, more secure and take the burden of payment off the traveler.

And Adelman Travel is committed to providing exactly that – global solutions that are digital, more secure and smarter. We offer payment solutions to meet the unique needs of every travel program.


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Key Benefits of Virtual Card Payments

Efficiency & Simplicity

Automate payment flows and reconciliation
Potential for faster / real-time payments
Increases hotel payment acceptance
No need to maintain supplier bank account details
No cost, straight forward integration with existing systems
Globally accepted payment method for you and your suppliers

Easy Reconciliation

Auto-reconcile supplier payments(99.9%) and manage by exception
Identifies purchases made by individual travelers, incorporates client’s reportable fields, allocates costs and immediately reconciles data

Business Compliance

Configurable business rules and approved workflows enable compliance
Ability to set up one-time virtual payment cards for employees & non-employees

Precise Controls

Virtual Payments can be used through any booking channel: Ava Mobile Platform, Agent Team or Online Booking Tool Control when, where and how payments are authorized and virtually eliminate fraud risk

Leverage the Adelman Travel + US Bank Partnership

At Adelman Travel our preferred card issuer is US Bank. The US Bank Instant Card, and virtual products can all be fluidly integrated in our travel management payment flow.

Adelman analyzes and consults on your company’s complete T&E cycle: booked travel, purchased travel, trip disruption, expensed items, and company purchasing trends

You get enhanced data and travelers get a proven and secure form of payment. And because we want to offer the solutions that are right for your program, we accept all commercial cards and send enhanced data for alternate lodge cards to many card schemes as well.


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Adelman Travel makes supplier payments more flexible, controlled and secure with our unique solutions designed for each company’s purchases. To learn more contact us today.

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