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SAP Concur Travel Online Booking Tool

SAP Concur takes the complexity out of business travel with user friendly tools that make it easier for travelers to stay productive and compliant.

SAP Concur's Travel Booking Tool Enables Travelers to:

  • Update their personal travel policy information anytime
  • See consolidated travel data on a single dashboard
  • Easily book air, hotel, and car in one online booking tool
  • Make policy compliance easy for employees
  • Change travel reservations on the go

Want to check the status of SAP Concur Travel's uptime?

Get up-to-the-minute service availability and performance information instantly.

Click here to access the Concur Open Service Status Dashboard

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Etta, powered by Deem Business Travel Software

What is Etta?

Etta is a fast and reliable travel search, booking and management software platform for business travelers. Etta includes personalization features, such as applying traveler preferences and loyalty memberships.

Benefits of using Deem Travel:

Provides more Southwest content and Etta Check-in Service
Presents health and safety information.
Auto-updates calendar entries
Streamlines event registration and management
Automatically alerts travelers about flight changes and cancellations
Manages travel for VIPs and other guests

Hot Spot Approvals

Hot Spot Approvals is the first-of-its-kind self-service, web-based platform that simplifies the complexities of pre-trip authorization, enabling an automated approval process through any preferred booking channel.



Making sure employees are safe when a crisis occurs is among the top priorities of every company with business travelers today.  Traveler Care, powered by our global business intelligence platform DecisionSource®, is designed to help you prepare for and manage risks before and during trips.

Ava Mobile

Adelman’s Virtual Assistant (Ava), serves as a seamless, integrated, all-in-one mobile experience for travelers, travel arrangers, and travel managers to easily access all the information and tools they need from one mobile platform. Ava delivers the flexibility to book, manage and view business trips, with immediate access to support via phone, email, text message or live chat.


Hotel IQ

Increase your travel program’s hotel attachment with Adelman’s proprietary and intelligent technology. Hotel IQ monitors bookings and identifies multiple-day trips that are missing hotels, then automatically alerts the traveler via their mobile device to add a hotel. Watch the training video to learn how Hotel IQ works for individual travelers.

Ava Desktop

Ava Desktop, Adelman’s proprietary desktop platform, provides the ability for a Travel Arranger or Executive Assistants to access all travel details and profile information for the executives and employees they arrange travel for. Ava Desktop is accessible in the desktop environment and eliminates the need to “emulate” a traveler to access information.

ava desktop for invoices

We know that travel expense reconciliation can take a lot of time and waiting for others to provide invoices can prolong the pain points.  That’s where Ava Desktop for Invoices comes in...The powerful platform designed with Accounting & Audit Teams in mind.

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