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Hurtigruten offers amazing destinations and a very different cruise experience

Have you dreamed of visiting some of the world’s most fascinating, off-the-beaten-track destinations? How about far Northern Europe or the Americas or even the polar regions of the Artic? Or, is experiencing the remote, pristine wilderness of Antarctica on your ultimate bucket list? Hurtigruten expedition cruises can take you there!

Adelman’s Lori Blue just returned from an eight-day Hurtigruten adventure cruise aboard the MS Fram that took her along the Northeast coast of the U.S. and Canada.  The itinerary included fascinating ports such as St. John’s, Newfoundland and the French territory of St. Pierre just south of Newfoundland.

According to Lori, “A cruise on Hurtigruten is completely different from any sailing on the big, major cruise lines because Hurtigruten uses smaller ships specially designed to reach some amazing places that larger cruise ships can’t get to.”

Hurtigruten also offers a fascinating and educational experience thanks to its knowledgeable expedition team that consists of biologists, ornithologists and photographers. According to Lori, the ship experts are quick to take advantage of in-the-moment experiences. “One day we were in the middle of a seminar about birds when whales were spotted around the ship,” said Lori. “Not only was the seminar paused, but the ship was slowed down so that everyone could get to a good position to see the whales as long as possible.  This was truly amazing.” 

Lori takes in the sights near St. Johns Newfoundland

Lori found the MS Fram to be comfortable and well-appointed with spacious outside decks that allow access to the front of the ship, which is a great place to observe marine wildlife.  “The observation lounge has comfy sitting areas at the top of the ship and large panoramic windows giving you incredible views of nature,” said Lori.  “A pair of binoculars is installed for spotting wildlife and details of the everchanging landscape.”

In addition to the uniquely delicious menu options such as reindeer soup and Arctic Char, guests will appreciate the multi-level restaurant, which allows for spectacular views of the landscape regardless of where a guest is seated. Even the well-equipped fitness room offers panoramic ocean views.  At the of top of the ship guests can get warm in the sauna or bathe in one of the outdoor Jacuzzis while icebergs float past the ship.

Lori or any of our experienced vacation advisors can provide you with more information on Hurtigruten’s amazing adventure expeditions. Simply give us a call at

800-749-7116, or visit our website at www.adelmanvacations.com.

Spectacular viewing from the MS Fram’s observation deck



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