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Airline Briefs

Air France

Unions continue to apply pressure to Air France as they have added additional dates to their series of labor strikes. The latest planned walk outs currently include May 3-4 and May 7-8. Air France flights operated by an aircraft other than that of Air France or Joon will not be affected by these strikes (HOP!, KLM, Delta).  Air France is working to minimize disruptions for its travelers but has also issued waivers to passengers who would like to make changes. Delta is also offering waivers.  Travelers can find additional details on the Air France web site, click here. (https://www.airfrance.us/US/en/common/page_flottante/hp/news-air-traffic-air-france.htm) and the Delta web site, click here. (https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/advisories.html)


Customers are also reminded to check Adelman’s website at www.adelmantravel.com for travel advisory information including the Air France strike, which appears on the scrolling header and can be clicked on for additional details. 


American Airlines

American is launching several new routes in May and early June. As of May 4, American will have flights from Philadelphia to Budapest, Hungry and Prague, Czech Republic. Then starting on June 7, American will offer new service from Charlotte, North Carolina to Panama City, Florida; from Dallas/Fort Worth to South Bend, Indiana and Reykjavik, Iceland; and from Miami to Bonaire.


British Airways

British Airways along with its partner American Airlines is now offering great double decker aircraft service on one of its six daily frequencies between Chicago and London. The comfortable and spacious Airbus A380 is designed to ensure customers arrive relaxed and refreshed. The aircraft boasts innovative jetlag-reducing features such as purer cabin air, soothing LED lighting and a quieter cabin. Plus, flyers will enjoy great-tasting meals, advanced in-flight entertainment along with award-winning service on the world’s largest passenger plane. And now with six overall frequencies daily between Chicago and London, customers will have plenty of options for travel across the pond.


Thai Airways

In an effort to enhance safety, the Zodiac Cirrus seats in Thai Airways’ Royal Silk business class on its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft have been outfitted with airbag systems. However, the airline is cautioning that the safety belts used with the new systems “cannot extend round passengers waists more than 56-inches thick”. The new safety systems also cannot accommodate parents with a child on their laps. The airline therefore cannot accept affected passengers in its business class on flights using the new Dreamliner aircraft.

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