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Cities where travelers can most easily skip the car rental

A recent study conducted by USA Today and MobilityScore, a website that assesses the transportation options available in metropolitan areas around North America, named the top U.S. cities that travelers can visit without a car.  The study took into consideration a variety of public transportation options that include train or metro, bus, taxi and ridesharing such as Uber and Lyft along with bike-share options. The top cities followed by their score are:

  1. New York City (95)
  2. Boston (81)
  3. Washington D.C. (80)
  4. San Francisco (80)
  5. Philadelphia (70)
  6. Los Angeles (65)
  7. Chicago (64)
  8. Seattle (64)
  9. Denver (58)
  10. Baltimore (57)
  11. Charlotte, N.C. (57)
  12. Detroit (56)
  13. Milwaukee (56)
  14. Atlanta (55)
  15. Dallas (55)
  16. Minneapolis (55)
  17. Portland, Ore. (53)
  18. Miami (51)
  19. Austin (51)
  20. Houston (51)

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