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Oneworld aims to bring more carriers together to boost traveler experience

The Oneworld global airline alliance has created a new partner program called Connect. While the Connect program won’t give full alliance status to member airlines, it will provide a more seamless experience for travelers on participating carriers.  Potential Connect member airlines must be sponsored by at least three of the Oneworld alliance partners to join the Connect program. Additionally, they have to meet certain standards while offering passengers enhanced benefits such as priority check-in and boarding for elite Oneworld members, through luggage handling and frequent-flyer benefits. Airlines that sponsor Oneworld Connect airlines will also offer customers the opportunity to earn and redeem miles and points, earn status credits, have luggage checked through to the final destination and obtain lounge access. Connect airlines can also participate in Oneworld’s Global Explorer round-the-world fare.

Fiji Airways has become the first airline to announce its participation in the Connect program.

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