Airlines issue waivers as next cross country winter storm develops | Update: Airlines issue travel waivers due to political unrest in Haiti |

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The Time New York

Located in the heart of the Theatre District, and just steps away from Times Square and New York’s corporate corridor, The Time New York is truly at the center of everything. In a fast-paced world, time is the ultimate luxury. The goal of Time Hotels is to both suspend time, as a boutique oasis from the daily hustle and bustle, as well as save time, with its thoughtful, tech-savvy design and bespoke hospitality. The Time Hotel’s hospitality combines the warmth and thoughtfulness of old-school service with the technological efficiency that the modern consumer has come to enjoy.

Adelman customers are eligible to receive special rates that include continental breakfast and Wi-Fi. For more information on the Time Hotel New York please contact your Adelman travel consultant.

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