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Earn extra miles through American’s AAdvantage 5K Challenge

AAdvantage members can now earn up to 5,000 extra miles through certain actions under American’s AAdvantage 5K Challenge. In addition to flying on American flights, other eligible activities include booking a hotel or car on the airline’s branded partner sites, shopping on the AAdvantage portal or using AAdvantage dining.

Executive Platinum AAdvantage members now have more reward choices as American introduced new options for those who reach 300,000 miles in a year. The new options include being able to gift Executive Platinum status to a friend, getting two additional systemwide upgrades or 40,000 bonus miles. Executive Platinum members who reach 150,000 and 200,000 elite qualifying miles receive two extra systemwide upgrades at each milestone.

American is also launching a new user interface for the AAdvantage website. A new tab will not only alert members to promotions that they are eligible for but will also track the member’s progress.

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