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How You Can Benefit from Uber for Business

Rideshare apps have no doubt changed the corporate travel game, and you might be wondering how you can elevate the ride share experience for your employees.

Adelman is a new provider of Uber for Business and your one source for all your travel program needs.

What is Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is much like the standard Uber rideshare app you know and love, but for professionals. The app offers a variety of features that will benefit you and your company when traveling for business.


With access to the Uber for Business dashboard, you can add and remove employees and create individual programs for different users. To increase policy compliance, you can create a spend and trip allowance. You can also customize the type of vehicle your employees ride in and configure the app to only allow rides at certain times of day.


Uber for Business provides many ways to keep track of spend and pay instantly. With monthly billing and invoices, you can eliminate paperwork and pay for company trips on a monthly basis. You can also enable automatic billing and reconciliation to no longer experience the lag of expense processes. Eliminate the need for employees to wait for reimbursement with one payment method.

In-App Rider Support           

Uber for Business provides 24/7 business support and account management. You will always have access to help.

Adelman can set up your Uber for Business accounts with a simple amendment, rather than a separate contract. Your Uber spend will integrate directly into the Analyst reporting dashboard so that we can provide you with usage and compliance reporting. In addition, Uber for Business will soon be integrated into the Ava app to enhance your corporate travel experience.

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