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CDC issues warning for measles cases in Europe

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is advising that travelers heading to Europe should make sure they are appropriately vaccinated before their trip, as the number of confirmed cases of measles is rising at a rapid rate across Europe. Ukraine has the highest number of confirmed cases, but countries such as France, Greece, and Italy are also seeing the spread of measles outbreaks. 

CDC officials are recommending that anyone who has not been vaccinated, including children between six- and 11-months-old, get vaccinated at least four weeks before travel. Under vaccinated adults should get a booster. For more information please visit the CDC website at

Airlines respond to lounge crowding by tightening polices and boosting rates

Airport lounges have become increasingly popular over the last several years. This newfound popularity, along with a rise in the number of travelers flying, has created overcrowding situations at many airport lounges around the world. Airlines and other airport lounge operators are responding by limiting access or raising rates.

  • no longer allows non-members to buy single use passes at any of its Sky Club lounges, though American Express Platinum and Delta Reserve cardholders can still use Delta Sky Clubs.

Alaska Airlines has responded by removing several of its lounges from the popular Priority Pass network and no longer allows those members to bring in guests.

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