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Malama Maui – Show Kindness Through Travel

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The spirit of aloha that welcomes travelers to Hawaii is one of love, care, and empathy—all of which the Islands now need from us in the wake of the devastating wildfires that tore through West Maui last August, causing significant losses. To support the people of Hawaii, ALG Vacations is championing an initiative focused on showing all of the Hawaiian Islands mālama —care and protection—by cultivating respectful travel.

As Maui and the entire state of Hawaii continue to mourn, they are also rebuilding. Tourism, according to the Maui Economic Development Board, directly or indirectly produces 70 cents of every dollar of the island’s economy. With the current downturn in travel, however, Maui lost millions of dollars every day following the wildfires. It is anticipated the Hawaiian economy as a whole will lose nearly $2 billion in the next two years.

Maui began reopening to tourism in phases beginning in October and, with the exception of Lahaina, is now fully open.

“Now is the time for people everywhere to show their support for Maui by booking trips, making restaurant reservations, and frequenting Maui’s retail stores and attractions that support workers and their families,” said Daniel Nāho’pi’i, Chief Administrative Officer of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

How to Travel with Mālama

The best way to support affected communities is to travel with Kindness. Be mindful of what Hawaiians are going through and show them the same aloha that they have always shown us. Follow traditional values to ensure your visit uplifts as much as it rebuilds:

  • Visit with aloha, compassion and empathy. 
  • Understand that although Maui is still recovering, travel to Hawaii is as rewarding as it has ever been—even more so.
  • Show generosity and compassion. Support small businesses, eat out at local restaurants, and remember kind words go a long way.
  • Respect the grief of residents and avoid affected areas.
  • Mālama (care for) Maui and give back to the community by signing up for an enriching volunteer experience.

Donate to Relief Efforts

ALG Vacations has pledged $100,000 to the Maui Strong Fund. If you are interested in supporting the Maui Strong Fund, you can donate via the link below.

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