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Updates on SAP Concur’s New Booking Tool Experience


As you may already know, SAP Concur has released the latest iteration of SAP Concur T2, making it accessible to all customers. In a recent communication, SAP Concur emphasized the transformative updates to their booking tool, aimed at swiftly and efficiently meeting the evolving needs of travelers, customers, and partners. These changes involve the integration of new, adaptable technology to enhance the overall booking experience across air, hotel, and car rental reservations for Sabre GDS from U.S. point of sale.

Adelman’s innovative strategy and support for our customers migrating to the new SAP Concur Travel experience involved assessing eligibility according to their existing configuration and ensuring the availability of all verticals, including air, car, and hotel. Additionally, we consistently review existing exclusions and limitations. Our primary objective is to present this change as an upgraded experience for travelers while minimizing any potential new challenges or friction in the booking process.

What Users can Expect:

Key features, which include a customer-grade user experience (UX) and robust content now include:

  • Content and Images: Increased global content coverage including NDC, better imagery, and richer descriptions, all consolidated into one view. The new UX will make browsing content seamless and intuitive, with the ability to easily view sustainability ratings and cost information.
  • User Experience: A streamlined booking and checkout process, including a more user-friendly and intuitive UI, makes the experience more like that on consumer sites and apps. The new UX is adaptable on both mobile and desktop, designed to give users the ability to meet their needs and drive compliance across the end-to-end process.
  • Sustainable Options: Sustainability continues to be a major priority for our customers. With the new Concur Travel experience, travelers can view information and filters to help limit their carbon footprint and make sustainable choices, making it easier to comply with company policies and limit the environmental impact of business travel.
  • Search Capabilities: Omni-search capability that automatically merges options for many locations, such as airports, city centers, or company locations, delivered by a robust travel ecosystem. Companies have the freedom to choose from among a wide range of suppliers, sources and content to support global travel requirements.
  • Time Savings: Optimized booking workflows and faster checkout process. The new experience integrates with Concur Expense for a seamless end-to-end travel and expense process – from planning and booking to expensing, auditing and reimbursement all the way to the company general ledger.

Please contact your designated Adelman Client Success Manager if you have any questions or would like to discuss converting your company site.

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