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Important Updates about American Airlines Loyalty Programs

As part of its revisions, American Airlines has implemented changes to how travelers can earn individual loyalty points through its Corporate Loyalty program.

Adelman is currently a preferred agency, and our commitment to maintaining a strong partnership with American Airlines remains steadfast. During this transition period, our priority is to ensure uninterrupted benefits for your travelers, allowing them to continue earning loyalty points and miles seamlessly.

To facilitate this, Adelman recommends that our clients enroll in American’s Advantage for Business program before May 1, 2024. Once your organization is enrolled, and you have registered your travelers with the program, please provide your corporate number to Adelman Travel. This will enable us to load it into your corporate profile and ensure your travelers receive their loyalty points.

Action Item: Once your company has enrolled in the AA Advantage for Business program, it is crucial to provide your AA Corporate Number to Adelman promptly to ensure travelers are credited with their loyalty points.

· Enclosed is a communication template designed to assist you in informing your travelers about these changes and outlining the necessary steps they need to take. You can access the template by clicking here. Please be advised that this communication should be disseminated only after your company has successfully signed up for the AA Advantage for Business program.

For questions or support, please contact your Adelman Client Success Manager.

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