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3 Benefits Of Using A Corporate Travel Agency

June 5, 2019 | Blog, For Travel Managers

Corporate travel is always evolving based on market, social, technological, and political conditions. Logically, a company’s travel policies should be equally fluid to adapt to the times.

However, without the right industry expertise, in-house policies can get blurry in a hurry. Potential losses include time, money, and focus that could be used more productively elsewhere. That’s where a corporate travel agency, or travel management company (TMC) comes in.

Efficient management of all business travel plans

By bundling your needs through a TMC, an overwhelming and resource-intensive burden gets neutralized. TMCs streamline booking processes so that businesses have more resources to spend on growth and innovation.

When efficient management is combined with technology, the travel planning process becomes intuitive instead of laborious. In other words, by partnering with a TMC, a business will gain in-depth knowledge of corporate travel while enjoying world-class services.

Enforcement of Travel Policies

Many factors can lead to out-of-policy spending. Therefore, having a strong travel policy that reflects current travel trends is a key to solid travel management.

Leisure travel booking sites do not have the ability to meet compliance standards demanded by most large companies. In sharp contrast, corporate travel agencies specialize in compliance. They work closely with companies to craft and implement the necessary solutions that meet all company guidelines and rules. Furthermore, TMCs customize the technology around booking to make compliance easy to regulate and as automated as possible.

 A TMC can also implement processes that encourage good booking behavior. For example, Adelman’s proprietary mobile application displays how in line a traveler is with policy. The cost of the trip is shown in green, yellow, or red based on how compliant a traveler is to others within the organization. This “gamification” can be a subtle nudge in the right direction if a traveler has not been responsible with his or her travel choices.

Ability to Evolve as Your Company Changes

As companies grow larger, their travel policies can become more nuanced and not all travel agencies are designed to cater to the needs of a growing business. Be sure to align your company with a TMC that can grow with you and respects your travelers needs and corporate culture. It is also crucial that this partner is always staying ahead of the curve within the industry to ensure you have the best tools and insight at your disposal.

When it comes to managing your travel, you can invest heavily to build an in-house system that secures the best deals while ensuring strict compliance. Or, a leaner, cleaner and more practical solution is to partner with a TMC like Adelman. With over thirty years in the industry, we’ve got the experience to make your management and planning a breeze. Contact us to learn more.