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Adelman Employee Spotlight: Meet Ann!

June 7, 2022 | Blog, Visible

At Adelman Travel, we seek to fill our teams with individuals who will uphold our core values of service, accountability, transparency, and quality care for our customers.  We think our employees are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too! Each week, we’ll feature a different employee on our blog to share some of the talented people who make up our team.

This week’s featured employee is Ann Miller, Contracts & Project Administrator, based at our headquarters in Wisconsin.

Ann joined Adelman in 2019 and, less than a year later, was a recipient of Adelman’s quarterly “Service Hero Award” due to her passion for providing the best customer service every day and for continually going above and beyond what is asked of her.

In addition to Ann’s regular responsibilities, she is an active member of Adelman’s Employee Engagement Committee, where she is always listening, soliciting feedback, and helping to drive change across the organization.

We asked Ann: How does Adelman ensure your voice is heard in important decision making?

Ann’s response in her own words:

“Adelman’s leadership team not only encourages employees to share feedback and ideas, but they actively create the opportunities for employees to do so in a variety of ways.  For example, as a member of the Employee Engagement Committee, my input and ideas are not only ‘heard’ but are acted upon within a matter of days.  As Adelman’s Contracts Administrator, I meet with leaders across the company on a regular basis.  Our discussions are always very interactive and allow me to have direct and honest conversations regarding the challenges being faced by the company.  I have seen firsthand that the Adelman leadership team knows that great ideas and solutions can come from anyone, and they are willing to listen; whether you ask a question during the quarterly Town Hall sessions or you reach out directly to ‘just chat’ about an item that is on your mind.”

Ann’s passion for customer service, drive for problem solving and diligence for ‘smarter’ not harder, makes her a valuable member of the Adelman family and we are proud to count her among our team!


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