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Adelman Employee Spotlight: Meet Dana!

June 15, 2022 | Blog, Visible

At Adelman Travel, we seek to fill our teams with individuals who will uphold our core values of service, accountability, transparency, and quality care for our customers.  We think our employees are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too! Each week, we’ll feature a different employee on our blog to share some of the talented people who make up our team.

This week’s featured employee is Dana Walker, Manager of Business Development, based in Austin, Texas.

Dana joined Adelman in 2017 as an expert in corporate travel.  She continues to shine and exceed set sales goals in her role as Manager of Business Development.  Dana not only embraces teamwork but supports and encourages all her colleagues by fostering collaboration, celebrating their successes, and creating opportunities to learn from one another.

In addition to Dana’s regular responsibilities, she is an active member of Adelman’s Employee Engagement Committee, where she is always listening, soliciting feedback, and helping to drive change across the organization.

We asked Dana: How has your career grown since starting in your role at Adelman Travel?

Dana’s response in her own words:

“After 15 years in travel management, my career could tell some stories!  The most growth I’ve experienced has been in the evolution of a team approach to sales.  At Adelman, every department has a vested interest in the clients’ satisfaction and are involved from the beginning.  From Client Success, Operations, Marketing, Technology, Finance—there is a very collaborative process behind the scenes which elevates the confidence (mine and our client) that the promises I’m making in the sales process will be delivered and expectations exceeded.”

Dana’s passion for collaboration, teamwork and delivering on Adelman’s commitment to ‘making our customers successful’ makes her a valuable member of the Adelman family and we are proud to count her among our team!