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Adelman Employee Spotlight: Meet Vanessa!

September 13, 2022 | Blog, Visible

At Adelman Travel, we seek to fill our teams with individuals who will uphold our core values of service, accountability, transparency, and quality care for our customers.  We think our employees are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too! Each week, we’ll feature a different employee on our blog to share some of the talented people who make up our team.

This week’s featured employee is Vanessa MorganDirector of Client Success, based in Long Island, NY.

Vanessa joined the Adelman Family in 2018, after a successful 14+ year career with Enterprise Holdings, Inc., where she held positions in business development and area rental management.  Vanessa is a strategic business professional who has a passion for understanding, analyzing and sharing ideas that are mutually beneficial to Adelman Travel and its customers.  As a member of the SLT team, Vanessa actively listens and contributes towards Adelman’s goals, objectives and future growth strategies for the organization. Her professionalism, industry knowledge, service focus are unique attributes which are key drivers to her success as both a leader and colleague.

We asked Vanessa to share: How has your career grown since starting at Adelman?

Vanessa’s response in her own words:

“I am so grateful for my time here at Adelman. I have been able to continue to flourish in my career having the opportunity to get promoted in just 9 short months from Business Development Manager to Director of Client Success. In my role, I have contributed positively to the direction of the organization through initiatives such as “Adelman 3.0″ that planned the future of Adelman post-COVID.  My ideas are always welcomed and heard!  I appreciate that I have a seat at the table that allows me the opportunity to help drive growth and enhance service to others via fruitful partnerships and innovation.”        

Vanessa’s commitment to delivering high-quality service to every customer and sharing her creative ideas to help make Adelman the best TMC it can be, makes her a valuable member of the Adelman family and we are proud to count her among our team!