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Eating, sleeping and stress: Insights on traveler wellbeing 

September 5, 2023 | Blog, For Travel Managers, For Travelers, Visible


Business travelers may be better able to manage the demands of work-related trips and activities when they’re at their physical and mental best. Regular movement, balanced meals and adequate rest are as important for them as the meetings, deals and connections they make. 


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Traveler Wellbeing is a series of reports examining multiple aspects of business traveler wellness and the ways managed travel programs can support. The five-part series was compiled by BCD and Sanctifly, their marketplace partner in travel wellness. 


A recent BCD survey found lack of exercise while on business trips is among travelers’ major concerns, as reported by 26% of respondents. Access to gyms, swimming pools and exercise gear are some of the support measures travelers would like to see employers provide. Dive into this report for insights on how to help travelers get moving.