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Traveler Tools, Prepared Agents and Eased Disruptions during Hurricane Ida

August 31, 2021 | Blog, For Travel Managers, For Travelers, Visible

Hurricane Ida is a strong reminder of the power of nature and the power of being prepared for it. This past weekend, flights to and from New Orleans were cancelled as the category 4 storm prepared to make landfall.  Yet business travelers served by Adelman Travel were aware of what was coming because of their aggregated global risk information and real-time updates accessible via their mobile and desktop solutions.

  • On Sunday August 29, Adelman Travel’s Agent Team utilized its advanced TravelerCare reporting technology to quickly identify all potentially impacted travelers who may have been traveling to or leaving the Louisiana or Mississippi areas on scheduled flights.
  • Adelman’s Travel Agents proactively contacted travelers directly to rebook flights or reroute trips to make it to their destinations with minimal disruptions.
  • Adelman continues to monitor the situation, keep travelers informed and provide immediate assistance 24/7.

Molli Lynch, Adelman’s Senior Director of Customer Experience said, “Having real-time access to know where travelers are, along with our agent readiness approach, enables us to provide a higher level of support when our customers need it most.  Our Traveler Care reporting provides the details to where travelers are globally, what events may be impacting their travel, and the ability to alert them instantly.”

Molli added, “Events like these remind us—and our clients—of companies’ duty of care responsibilities and travelers’ duty of loyalty responsibilities to their employers.  We use the awareness that storms bring to engage travelers in updating profiles with the right information, especially mobile numbers, so their employers can reach them in any kind of crisis.”

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