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4 Consumer Technology Trends that are Changing Corporate Travel

April 18, 2018 | Blog, For Travel Managers, For Travelers

From toothbrushes to refrigerators, artificial intelligence is taking the consumer world by storm. In contrast, the corporate world is still trying to catch up. Consumers are beginning to expect a more seamless and exciting experience as the use of travel management apps and other virtual assistants increases.

Here are four technology innovations to keep an eye on if you’re in the corporate travel industry.

Progressive Airports

Forward-thinking airports, like Singapore Changi’s and Hong Kong’s, are shifting from the dreaded departure space to a community, attraction-like building. From butterfly gardens to IMAX movie theaters, and children’s playgrounds to four-story slides, these airports are making strides in becoming an inviting yet relaxing environment for travelers. In years to come, industry leaders predict airports will become places that travelers actually want to visit.

AI and Voice-Activated Booking

Because consumers are so comfortable with artificial intelligence in their personal life, they’re quickly expecting similar technology available in the professional realm. Corporate travelers are thinking ahead and asking questions like:

  • Will my hotel room be equipped with intelligent technology?
  • Can I use voice-enabled booking platforms to plan my trips?
  • How secure is my personal data if I book through voice-enabled tools?
  • What kind of personalized recommendations can booking tools give me?
  • How will my existing technology integrate with up-and-coming innovations?

This convergence between consumer expectations and the corporate world will soon become the norm, and travelers will reflect on the days of having to “manually” book trips on a desktop computer.

Traveler Control and Safety

Smartwatches and phones are making travelers feel healthier and safer than ever. Looking forward, medical technology can improve by assimilating data to make its users more informed about their health.

For example, if someone with a heart condition is traveling abroad, his smartwatch could store baseline information in the cloud. Once he’s on his corporate journey, the watch would compare this information to determine if his health is in jeopardy without ever visiting a doctor. This kind of technology can save lives, but it also gives users a better understanding of their health.

Airlines Shift to Private Messaging

Airline social media managers are in a constant state of anxiety the second a rant hits any platform about a bad experience. In an effort to resolve these public outbursts before they go viral, airline companies have adopted the “direct message” approach: resolving issues and complaints in a private forum. Ultimately, people want a speedy, personal response, and the ability to privately message a brand has benefitted both the passengers and the airlines.

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