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How Digital Customer Service is Taking Over the Travel Industry

May 10, 2018 | For Travel Managers, For Travelers

A 2017 survey by Conversocial found that 81% of consumers “indicated that their expectations for digital customer service are higher today” than in 2016. Additionally, 57% of respondents said that they would stop doing business with a certain brand if it had a bad digital customer service process.

As a result, travel management apps have begun to take over the travel industry as more customers expect a seamless and high-value experience from their travel providers. Well-designed apps give customers a positive service experience, enhancing a brand’s image and reputation. Here’s what you need to know about digital customer service in the travel industry.

Airlines Using Apps for Better Digital Customer Service

Many modern customers expect their queries to be answered via platforms such as Twitter and Facebook Messenger, and airlines are picking up on this. The average Twitter response time for US airlines was 20 minutes, with 92% of the airlines responding to queries in under an hour.

American Airlines had an average response time of 21 minutes, while Delta comes in at 31 minutes. On the other hand, United Airlines had an average response time of 94 minutes, putting it behind its competitors in terms of digital customer service.

Flyers are continually turning to travel management apps and social media in order to resolve their problems with airline carriers. They’ve found calling them up and waiting to speak to an agent usually results in frustration. If they are stuck on hold, abandonment can often happen during unexpected events.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence Better Digital Customer Service

Chatbots allow airline carriers to respond to their social media queries in record time, especially if the questions are relatively simple. Social media consultant Nick Borelli points out: “There are more…and cheaper…sources for chatbots that can run both on your Facebook messenger, websites, and other social media platforms. These automated response systems can route potential customers to your most common solutions to questions in addition buy you time to get back with them.” By taking in and analyzing the conversation input by the consumer, chatbots can send educated recommendations and responses that make it feel like they’re chatting with a real representative.

Private Travel Management Apps for Better Service

Digital customer inquiries are becoming more private over time, with many airlines and travel agencies offering private apps. This allow their customers to speak directly with an agent or a chatbot about travel issues.

Speaking more “intimately” to airline representatives via private channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is becoming increasingly normalized.

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